Delhi Kingsway Camp:-‘Holy House’ (Mukherjee Nagar) New Centre Inauguration & 18th Annual Day Celebration of Kingsway Camp Centre


Delhi Kingsway Camp:

he Grand Opening Ceremony of Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre ‘Holy House’ (Mukherjee Nagar) & 18th Annual Day Celebration of Kingsway Camp Centre programme was organised on 5th March 2023 at Dussehra Ground, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi.

Senior Rajyogis BK Asha Didi (Director, Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurugram), BK Shukla Didi (Director, Hari Nagar Subzone), BK Pushpa Didi (Director, Karol Bagh), BK Sadhna Didi (Centre In-Charge, Kingsway Camp), Father Felix Jones (Head of the Archdiocesan Commission for Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue), BK RajKumari Didi (Centre In-Charge, Majlis Park) were present on this auspicious occasion.

On this beautiful day, colourful cultural performances, and experience sharing by BK Doctors was organised & many BK Teachers and other brothers and sisters of Delhi region graced this celebration. A panel discussion was also organised wherein Senior Rajyoga Teachers of Delhi Zone (BK Poonam Didi, BK Kokila Didi, BK Santosh Didi) enlightened everyone on the spiritual significance of Holi. The discussion was very well coordinated by BK Vijay Didi, Pandav Bhavan, Karol Bagh. 

The programme commenced with the welcome speech by BK Sadhna Didi. She shared her greetings & recited self composed poems on the specialities of all the Senior Sisters who were invited as the guests for the day. This was a special welcome for them to show our heartfelt respect & gratitude.

BK Asha Didi gave her best wishes to Kingsway Camp Centre for completing 18 glorious years. She said that the Mukherjee Nagar Centre is a gift from Baba on the 18th birthday of the centre. Didiji inspired everyone and said that a centre is a place for rendering selfless service by the Brahmins. She also spoke about the relevance of the centre by saying that it is a place that connects souls with the supreme soul. Didiji gave the new centre ‘Holy House’ the title of ‘Roohani Langar’ because of its location and said that it will do wonders in service.

BK Shukla didi expressed her happiness on the completion of 18 years of Kingsway camp center by remembering Dadi’s and Jagdish Bhaiji. She praised BK Sadhna Didi(Centre In-Charge) for her dynamic leadership and strong determination. Didiji motivated everyone, by saying that nothing is impossible if our willpower is strong and if we have complete faith in Baba.

BK Pushpa Didi gave heartfelt congratulations to the centre. She shared the way of attaining true happiness with everyone. She encouraged all brothers and sisters to surrender completely to the Almighty ShivBaba who is the ocean of love and happiness through the practice of Rajyoga & conducted meditation through guided meditation commentary where everyone experienced deep Peace & God’s Company.

Father Felix Jones shared his greetings for the day. He gave the message of universal brotherhood and motivated everyone to live for humanity by helping the needy people in the world. He praised Brahma Kumaris for uplifting the lives of others through spiritual knowledge.

The stage was well coordinated by BK Vidhatri from ORC who was the Master of Ceremonies for the event. The audience was enthralled by the cultural performances and drama that conveyed the spiritual meaning of Holi. The programme ended with Brahma Bhojan and all the brothers and sisters played Holi with flower petals.  

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