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St. Petersburg, Russia- Great Celebration of the Great Festival of Purity in Lighthouse and the Indian Consulate

Great Celebration of the Great Festival of Purity in Lighthouse and the Indian Consulate

St. Petersburg, Russia: The month of August brings about a message of purity as the basis of true love and real protection in life. In the presence of our respected seniors Didi Charkradhari, Didi Santosh the celebration of Raksha Bandhan became a Maha Celebration that went on for 3 days, from August 4 to 6, and was divided into 5 parts, starting with a Rakhi ceremony for the kumaris, then for working mothers (a group of Shiva Shaktis), co-operative souls, senior citizens (a group of Vanprasthis), and last but not the least, a wonderful program for BK brothers!

For 3 days a powerful atmosphere of silence and Yog Tapasya prevailed in the Lighthouse. Every session would start with a short video film disclosing subtle secrets of the Bond of Protection. Then the participants enjoyed the fragrance of Madhuban, the land of blessings, by listening to the words of blessings from the letter of Dadi Ratan Mohini ji. A special Rakhi bhog would be offered to BapDada, the Giver of Purity, at every ceremony, followed by a brief yet essence-full class by Didi Chakradhari or Didi Santosh. Everyone would stay in the hall even after having their Rakhi tied, till the end of the ceremony, in order to do the Mansa Seva to our planet Earth that desperately needs Purity and Peace in the present-day scenario.

On August, 11, a group of BKs visited the General Consulate of India in St. Petersburg for having a friendly spiritual chit-chat and Rakhi celebration with the staff members. Starting the meeting, Mr Kumar Gaurav, Consul General, thanked Didi Santosh and the Brahma Kumaris for enabling the staff of the Consulate to keep in touch with the auspicious tradition when sisters tie Rakhis to their brothers.

In a worldly way, money is always offered to your sister who comes to tie a Rakhi. So what money would the Brahma Kumari sisters accept? The sisters explained that the only money we have to give here is the useless money of our weaknesses and vices! A special form was offered to the participants of the sneh-milan suggesting them to give away a bad habit or character trait and imbibe a divine virtue or power instead. And it was really touching to watch how the sisters from Russia wearing white saris were tying Rakhis to Indian diplomats and their family members!

A few words from our special guests

Ms Ludmila Kuleshova, Major General, President of A. F. Koni Foundation

“Love is the greatest energy in the Universe. We should live with love for God, people and nature. The basis of this love is purity of our soul, purity of thoughts and actions. I feel that Russia and India have much in common. Something that appeals to me at the Brahma Kumaris organization is that their aim is to ensure spiritual development, mutual understanding and goodwill, without anger, animosity and hatred.”

Ms Victoriya Zhirnova, head of department, Centre for Social Support of Families and Children

“I feel that our mission is to shine, just as the Sun shines giving its light to whoever needs it. The families who come to us face a severe deficiency of peace, love, happiness, power and bliss. And here, at the Brahma Kumaris, I have learned that every soul possesses these divine virtues! I have always wanted to help people, and now I feel that I know how to do this service. it’s as if the hand of the Divine is leading me, sustaining and helping to bring benefit to others.”

Ms Tatyana Bartova, science advisor, dietitian, nutritionist

“Our diet is something that makes us light and enables to communicate with God. When you consume impure, non-vegetarian food you cannot fly.”

Ms Valentina Suloyeva, director general, Diagnostic and Treatment Centre “Health”

“As a doctor I can say that cleanliness of our body, as well as of our thoughts and actions is of utmost importance. Our body is the temple where the soul abides, therefore we should take care of purity of our diet as well.”

Prof. Ludmila Rubis, State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

“I am 84 now, yet I continue taking part in sports competitions. I work with youth, and I feel that we should influence them with our practical example. The atmosphere at the Brahma Kumaris centre is something so beautiful and necessary for us in this respect. The aura of this space is very warm, and every time I come here, I smile and laugh, because I feel so good! Sharing your goodness with others is the main thing in life.”


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