Mount Abu,Gyan Sarovar: Indradhanush: the Colours of Unity” at Universal Harmony Ha

Mount Abu,Gyan Sarovar,Rajsthan:

When we see the variety of cultures of the world as the colours of a beautiful rainbow, we appreciate the differences and celebrate unity. This was the spiritual message given at the International Holi Sneh Milan, or an evening of Enlightenment and Entertainment, in Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu, on March, 6, Monday. The event that came on the eve of Holi celebrations featured songs and dances performed by BK students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and India. The members of “Divine Light” cultural group of St. Petersburg, Russia, showed a miracle of transformations by presenting a wide array of items that included a Russian folk dance, a Punjabi bhangra and a subtle angelic (or universal) choreography piece. Their inspiring item “Just say One, Two, Three and become Tension Free” gave a brief musical master class on how to stay free from worry and tension by being aware of our true eternal self. 
The final item “Everything that I have in my life is You” brought all the performers together on the stage in order to sing the praise of the Supreme Artist, the Supreme Father of all souls, who is painting a beautiful and colorful picture of the new world right now. The international audience at the Universal Harmony Hall of Gyan Sarovar contributed to creating the atmosphere of celebration with their hearty applause. Some of the viewers could not even resist the urge to join the dance!
About 60 people, officers, trainees of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) related to medical professions, and their family members joined the event. The main guest Mr. Shri DS Rathori ji, DIG CRPF, and Col BC Sati, National Coordinator of Security services wing, addressed the audience from the stage after the cultural program.
The event was led by Santosh Didi, BK director, St. Petersburg Russia, director of “Divine Light” cultural group. Didi Sudesh graced the occasion with her presence and shared words of inspiration and blessings for both the performers and the audience. The event became possible due to timely and wholehearted co-operation of all the related departments of Gyan Sarovar.


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