China : Raksha Bandhan services with Indian Embassy, Bk family, contact souls and VIPs


Sapna Didi addressing the audience in Indian Embassy.

Indian Embassy, Beijing:

1.Bk sister Sapna was invited by The Indian Embassy in Beijing China for a special Raksha Bandhan event organised by the Embassy for the friends of India. The participants were mostly Chinese nationals who are associated with Indian culture in some way including Research scholars of Indian culture and language, Professors of Hindi (Chinese nationals who have been studying and teaching Hindi language and literature in china), Professional Chinese dancers who have been performing and promoting Indian dance forms like bharatnatyam, kathak and others….
BK Sister Sapna also addressed the gathering about the significance and importance of the festival during modern times and about the richness of Indian culture in terms of associating human and moral values with these festivals to bring harmony among humans.

  1. Sister Sapna tied Rakhi to Mr. Pradeep Kumar Rawat, The Hon’ble Ambassador of India to People’s Republic of China. Alongwith that she also shared the news and details about activities of Brahma Kumaris in China.
  2. Tied the sacred thread to Prof. Jiang Jing Hui, Department of Hindi Language and Literature and had a nice discussion about the rich history and culture of Bharat as he has a long term connection with Bharat.


1.Tied the sacred thread to Mr. N.Nandakumar, Consul general of India in Shanghai and other consul officers and staff.

  1. Rakhi celebration at Shanghai Inner Space centre with Chinese and Indian community of shanghai.


  1. Tied the sacred thread to Mr. Shambhu L. Hakki , the Consul general of India in Guangzhou and had a fruitful discussion about the future programmes to be organised in cooperation.
  2. Raksha bandhan for Indian community : A special event for Indians in Guangzhou was organised at the Community centre where more than hundred Indian families came to get the sacred thread tied along with spiritual message and meditation experience.
  3. Raksha bandhan retreats for Chinese community in Guangzhou, Foshan , Shenzhen and Changsha.
    Events for local Chinese Bks as well as for contact souls and new students were also organised at the centre.

Rakhi Retreat with Chinese at Guangzhou centre

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