MOSCOW,Rssia: The X International Day of Yoga was inaugurated by Respected Ambassador, Mr. Vinay Kumar. He greeted the big gathering of hundreds of yoga lovers and Heads of Yoga and Ayurvedic Associations in Russia collected at the Land-reserve “State Muzey-Zapovednik Kolomenskoye”. The Ambassador specially pointed out the benefits of yoga practices and suggested the whole gathering to promote the motto of IDY. Embassy of India in Moscow is promoting the X IDY on a large scale.

Ms. Olga Zhilina, Dy. Head of Foreign Economic and International Relations, Government of Moscow supported the concept of IDY and encouraged Muscovites to learn the Yoga Asana. She herself a regular practitioner of Hatha yoga.

After the inaugural session Sudha Didi conducted the silence meditation and continued with a Talk on “Raja Yoga for Peace, Love and Happiness”. She began her Talk with the words “Every living being on the Planet Earth needs Peace, Love and Happiness. Even if a person has all the material attainments, but no peace, love and happiness, then life seems to be hollow, without any purpose”. Raja Yoga helps not only to experience but also attain peace, love, happiness and a lot more, she added.

Meditation, she conducted enabled the gathering to experience peace. She made the people realise that they need not search for peace, love or happiness in the external world but they themselves have the ability to create this for themselves and for others.

After the Talk and the meditation session, Didi was interviewed by TV-BRICS.

Mr. Brijesh Gupta, an experienced Yoga Teacher from Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre conducted simple to complex exercises for the healthy body and mind. Participants enjoyed the Yoga exercises and with great enthusiasm registered names to learn more.

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