मुख पृष्ठसमाचारNational Doctor's Day was celebrated

National Doctor’s Day was celebrated

Lightning of Lamp by Dr Anantha Laxmi garu(MS in Gen surgeon) , Dr Rekha garu(MD) , Dr Venkatapati raju garu(MD), Dr Srimannarayana garu (MD Ped), Bk Sridevi, Bk Swaroopa

Amalapuram,Andhra Pradesh: On the Occasion of National Doctors day, we invited Eminent Family doctors of Amalapuram and Felicitated them for their services to the society. All the Doctors expressed their experience of doing yoga, and how they are recommending yoga for a Healthy Life to their patients. One of the Doctor Dr. Venkatapathi Raju garu said how Rajayoga changed his life completely and how good Brahmakumaris Life style is, at last he expressed his said ” It is only because of Brahmakumaris that he is alive today “. Another Doctor Dr. Rekha Shared her spiritual experience at Mt.Abu.


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